PMI Capital Campaign


Praise Ministries International is the cross-continental ministry whose mission is for global evangelization laying emphasis and focusing on evangelism, church planting, and education.



Praise Ministries International’s philosophy of ministry is tied to Matthew 28: 18–20. PMI’s methodologies to execute evangelism in order to fulfill one of her key objectives is to go (mission), to make disciples of all nations (discipleship), baptizing them (catechism/inclusion), and teaching them (education/training) to observe everything according to scriptures.

Church Planting

Praise Ministries International’s church planting’s endeavor is the result of her methodology expressed in discipleship and training over time leading to the spiritual establishment of the church entity.


Praise Ministries International educational realization and institutional establishment is the result of her methodology to institute both religious and academic institutions.

The achieving of the above objectives in Praise Ministries International is the goal of the ministry’s overall agenda. Praise Ministries International’s goal is to minister to the total man (body, soul, and spirit). Praise Ministries International believes that this can be achieved through evangelism, church planting, and education. It is upon this ideology with reference to empowering these objectives that this capital campaign is being organized to strengthening these areas of ministry financially as to actualize and to materialize them.


Praise Ministries International capital campaign endeavors to raise funds to financially facilitate the enhancement of the below listed items:

  • The procurement of the land in Charlotte for facility’s construction;
  • The purchasing of transport and commercial vehicles for the ongoing charcoal and agricultural projects in Liberia;
  • The constructions of the school and the church on Police Academy Road, Monrovia, Liberia;
  • The purchasing of additional tools or implements for the ongoing Charcoal and Agricultural projects in Liberia;
  • The construction of the church and offices on the newly purchased land in Mount Barclay, Monrovia, Liberia;
  • To support evangelism, education, and church plant endeavors;


Praise Ministries International capital campaign’s goal is to raise $200,000.00 as the initial kick up of the campaign; notwithstanding, the Ministries might go beyond the goal based on the responses of potential donors.


Organized Leadership

In an effort to actualize and to materialize this capital campaign, Praise Ministries International will recruit the Campaign Organizer, the Financial Recorder/Secretary, the Email or Telephone Triage individual, and the institutionalized dissemination of fliers and letters to potential donors.

The Campaign Organizer: The Campaign Organize will recruit members, solicits for donors’ recruitment to the cost, periodically hosts meetings to give updates on the campaign, and discusses other issues with reference to the success of the campaign.

The Financial Recorder/Secretary: The Secretary will track donors, writes communications to potential donors with reference to giving, and tracks or records incoming funds and donors’ names.

The Email/Telephone Triage Individual: The individual will make calls to potential donors in order to inform, gives updates on their giving, tracks contacts with respect to donors’ emails, phone numbers, and physical addresses. The information obtained shall be shared with the recording secretary.


The Campaign team will write letters of invitations to sponsors or donors instructing them to give and will also disseminate fliers and letters with reference to the fundraising campaign. Letters will also be addressed to key church leaders (pastors) electing them as donors to the fundraising campaign.

Account Registration

The Campaign team will register the Ministries at gofundme website electing user name and password to set up the online donation platform for donors. The bank account of the Ministries will be registered and linked to paypal’s account to allow donors to give online. This maximizes the campaign team’s potential to raise more funds.


The Email/Telephone Triage individual including team members will make calls, send text and email messages to donors for reminders, thanks, and other pertinent information referencing the capital campaign.


Infrastructures Developments

Praise Ministries International has several sites being offered for the construction of schools. The two offered sites include the Lofa County with 32 acres of land and Grand Kru County with 100 acres of land. The Ministries also purchased lands in Mount Barclay and in Pineville, Police Academy Road for the construction of the school, two churches, and office building. Money raised from the campaign will go to complete the church under construction in Pineville, Police Academy Road and the construction of the Praise Ministries International Academy in Pineville, Monrovia, Liberia.


Praise Ministries International Charcoal and Agricultural Project (PMICAP) has been initiated to empower the Ministries’ financial needs, to empower individual’s initiative and creativities, and to empower community and family needs. At present, the ongoing project operates three power chain saws to carry out the project. Money raised from the campaign will go to the purchasing of the pickup trucks and additional tools for the project.


Transportation in Liberia at present is a major problem faced by the church. The church is using money raised from tithes and offering to transport people to church on Sunday and to conferences on commercial vehicles. This is causing serious financial problems. Obtaining a church bus will alleviate this problem. Money raised from the campaign will go to purchase a bus for the church.

Land Allocation

Praise Ministries International will need mini church edifice and office in Charlotte region. Money raised from the campaign will help us secure church land for future construction of the church and office.


Dear Sir/Madam,

In an effort to support the kingdom of God and human resources and spiritual developments, Praise Ministries International is embarking on the capital campaign to raise funds to solve numerous financial needs in the United States and Liberia. In this regard, the PMI Campaign Team has prayerfully selected you as donor to the endeavor; meanwhile, the donation can be securely done at Some of you might have received this link through your email or text message the Team formerly sent you. The team encourages you to click on the link to securely donate to the cost. Thanks for your charitable donation to this endeavor.

Yours in Christ,

PMI Capital Campaign Team