Praise Policy


Praise Ministries International, Inc. is a non for profit entity whose desire is to reach the world for Christ through evangelism, church planting, and education. In order to fulfill this task, as the name so called, praise should be the core of our worship and practice. It is based upon this philosophy that the music department should be up to date regarding recruitment of members and policy which governs the singing group in the house of God; meanwhile, this document delineates the musical composition of PMI, its requirement for inclusion referencing the criteria for the praise and choir members, and the code of ethics that should be exhibited in the music department of the Praise Ministries International.


Praise Ministries International welcomes and encourages all Christians who desire to join the singing group in the Church. The Music department shall comprise of the Praise team and the Choir. Everyone who joins this Music Department shall express Christian character development to conform daily to Christ image and likeness through the help of the Holy Spirit. The ministry does not encourage reckless living by members, but it discourages sinful living. It is the expectation of this Ministry that everyone who serves on this Music department as praise or choir member should conform to Biblical living regarding holiness imputed to him or her by Christ Jesus.



The Praise team shall meet weekly at schedule and appointed time to conduct practices along with the instrumentalists. Members who desire to sing on this Praise team must be born again and regularly attend practices to enable them be qualified to sing during the day of performance. Members of the praise team is advised and encouraged to fast and to pray periodically for services and for their own spiritual enhancement during the time of ministration. We encourage spiritual exercises which accelerate spiritual growth development and maturity in the house of God (Romans 12:1-4, II Cor. 5:17-18). Desire members who join the Praise team shall be interviewed by the Pastor before be allowed to sing during divine worship services; notwithstanding, members are still asked to come for practices though they have not been interviewed neither allowed to sing during divine worship services.


Praise Ministries International welcomes and encourages choir group in the Ministry. Members of this team must live the expressed image of Christ to represent Christ to the world. Every desire Christians can form part of this choir group to minister to the congregation through song administration. Members must be born again to be qualified to join the team. Members who join the choir should be interviewed by the Pastor before being allowed to sing during divine worship services.


The following codes of ethics should be adhered to in order to build a lovely relationship among members of the praise team and choir. These codes of ethics or conducts are in conformity with Biblical principles. Members should learn to:

  • Respect others;
  • Be on time;
  • Regularly attend practices;
  • Ask for excuse if not available;
  • Be prayerful;
  • Be an example of the believer in truths, words, and deeds;
  • Submissive;
  •  Obedient;
  • Humble;
  • Christ like;
  • Dead to self etc.

The above mentioned policy is not conclusive and can be amended, added, or subtracted based on observable criteria by the leadership of the Praise Ministries International.