User Information:

Renter/Borrower Full Name:_______________________________________



Telephone:__________________________ Email:____________________________

Type of Equipment: ______________________________________________

Condition of Equipment before Use:___________________________________

Duration of Use:___________________________________________________

Rental Date:_______________________________________________________

Returned Date:_____________________________________________________

Condition of Equipment after Use: ____________________________________

Amount Charged Per hour/day/ (circle one):__________________

Payment Made:___________________________________________


The above named renter/borrower has agreed to take responsibility of the above named equipment. Praise Ministries International is not responsible to repair equipment in the event the equipment is damaged. The renter/borrower is held responsible to fuel, to lubricate, and to maintain the equipment in good working condition until it is returned on the date specified.

Signed:________________________________  (Renter/Borrower)

Approved:__________________________ (Project Manager)



Praise Ministries International is a cross-continental ministry whose mission focuses on global evangelization through evangelism, church planting, and education; therefore, we prioritize education as a ministry; however, in order for proper planning and execution of institutional endeavor geared toward success, we have set guidelines to help churches whose desire is toward opening institutions (schools). The below bulleted points should be observed by all.

School Handbook must be written with the following information contained:

  • Administrative/teaching staff structure;
  • Teacher’s salary scale;
  • Operational funds: strategies put into place to raise the funds;
  • Curriculum development; hence, please refer to the Ministry of Education of the country the school will be operated;
  • Strategies to keep the school running;
  • School calendar;
  • Mission statement: what the school will do or its imparts to the community;
  • School philosophy: what you believe about the school;
  • School code of conducts affecting both staff and student body;
  • Disclaimer: restrictions placed on the use of school property and the consequences involved when property is damaged by students or staff;
  • Any other materials items you think should be included in the school handbook; however, it should be school related;

Note: Please see sample handbook at the PMI’s blog. Your handbook may not contain what is in that handbook; however, it may guide you in writing your school handbook.


Praise Ministries International is a non-profit religious charitable organization established for the purpose of global evangelization through evangelism, church planting, and education. While Praise Ministries International is in the business of the above mentioned mandates, the Ministries will accumulate assets; therefore, the leadership has established guidelines categorically with reference to the ministry’s property and how it will be maintained, lent or borrowed out, and rented out for financial gains and among other things.


In the event the ministry is dissolved or stopped operating, the property owned by the Ministries shall be turned over to another non-profit religious organization for use provided the religious group has requested its usage and promised to maintain the building properly. A disclaimer will be signed by the church group and attested by the representative of the Praise Ministries International using the appropriate documentation or form. A fee or rent charged by the Ministries will be collected periodically by the responsible party and the same deposited into the designated financial institution. The proceeds from the building will be used to support other charitable religious organizations in the world as the leadership will determine based on the needs.


The Musical Department of Praise Ministries International shall maintain all musical instruments including electronics and electrical components in good working conditions. Musical instruments shall not be borrowed out or rented especially those that have been designated and used for a branch church congregation except the unused ones based on the discretion of the leadership at said branch congregation. These assets are owned by the ministry and not individual; therefore, no individual in the ministry including the pastorate shall claim ownership of any church assets including musical instruments. In the event, the ministry is dissolved or stopped operating, the assets shall be given to another church group for use upon request or the assets sold and the proceeds donated to another charitable religious institution.


All equipment including vehicles shall be maintained and stored by the Project Department of the Praise Ministries International. Among these assets, the department shall decide to rent them out for financial gains and the approved documentation filed, signed, and approved by the Project Manager or the responsible individual. In the event the dissolution of the ministry becomes a reality, the assets shall be given to another charitable religious institution. No individual shall claim ownership of church property including the pastorate.


General assets include choir attires or gowns, eating bowls, disposal materials like plastic cups, cleaning agents or chemicals for janitorial equipment, typewriters, phones, computers, and many more. These belongings to the church shall be used for church purposes during church program and no individual shall claim ownership including the pastorate. In the event the ministry is dissolved or stopped operating, these assets shall be donated to another charitable religious organizations or the assets sold and the money is donated to another religious charitable organization unless the leadership of the said church deems it necessary to give these assets to the pastorate or someone in the church that needs them. The statements made in this document are not conclusive; therefore, they can be modified, amended, add, or subtracted based on the discretion of the leadership of the Praise Ministries International with reference to changing dynamic of ideology as deems necessary.


The Praise ministries International is organized exclusively for religious, charitable, and to win souls to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ according to Article 1, Section 2 of the By-Law and Constitution of the ministry. Based on this philosophy, leadership is expected to exhibit attitudes positively toward fulfilling these goals in a short and long range plan of implementations collectively and collaboratively. This covenant outlines leadership moral and spiritual responsibilities toward fulfilling these goals. My initials in these lines as a leader bring this covenant into effect before God and the Praise Ministries International leadership. My failure to sign this covenant indicates my unwillingness to serve in leadership position of this ministry now. My initials and signature on this covenant indicate my commitment to church services, morals, and programs including holy living, tithing, attendance, generous giving, Bible studies, prayer meetings, women conferences, men conferences, teaching seminars, Sunday Schools, leadership meetings, fast and prayer meetings, and impromptu meetings called by the church leadership.
I ______Will refrain from all acts depicting sinfulness which brings reproach to the kingdom of God. Failure to adhere to this, Article III, Section 1 and Article IX, Section 3 of the By-Laws and Constitution regarding church discipline and position of officers in compliance with the Bible will eventually affect me as a leader.
I ______Will attend all meetings except in the time of work schedule, sicknesses, or problem beyond my control as stated in Article II, Section 1 of the By-Laws and Constitution regarding church membership and attendance.
I ______Will pay my tithes and offerings and will support this vision as stated under the Mission and Vision Statement, captioned: The Board of Trustee, Responsibilities/Duties and Qualifications, page 12.
I _____will do volunteering services for the church as required of me as a leader showing example for others to follow.

Name:_____________________________ Date: _________________

Signature:__________________________ Date: _________________


Background Information

In ministry, consolidation is defined in context when we give care and attention to the new believer or church in order to reproduce Christ’s character in him or her; therefore, we ensure that he or she will fulfill God’s purpose for his or her life bearing fruit that will last (John15:16). In the contextualization of Praise Ministries International, Inc., Praise Ministries International initially gave birth to the generic church known as the Praise Assembly during the initiation of the ministry in 2007 under the leadership of Pastor Ezekiel V. Mardeh. This generic church known as the Praise Assembly was adopted as the place of worship; therefore, any church created by Praise Ministries International under church plant will bear this generic name (Praise Assembly). In recent time, the General Overseer has again adopted another generic church name known as the Kingdom Chapel under the leadership of Pastor Ezekiel V Mardeh; therefore, the term consolidation applies in this situation knowing that Praise Ministries International, Inc. has given birth to Praise Assembly and Kingdom Chapel; therefore, Praise Ministries International, Inc. has two generic churches known as Praise Assembly and Kingdom Chapel which are overseen by Pastor Timothy Sawyer and Pastor Ezekiel V Mardeh respectively. Having two generic churches, the term consolidation applies since we are managing two churches and combining them under one ministry’s banner known as Praise Ministries International, Inc.

Naming Institutions at Praise Ministries International, Inc.

Praise Assembly and Kingdom Chapel are components of Praise Ministries International called generic churches, in context of Praise Ministries International, they both are places of worship; therefore, these generic churches can place sign board bearing the generic name followed by the ministry’s name. With reference to communication regarding letter head and banner, these communication placards do not carry the generic names (Praise Assembly and Kingdom Chapel). In the event, Praise Ministries International, Inc. begins to structurally and institutionally establish institutions such as hospitals, clinics, schools etc. these institutions carry the ministry’s name. For example, Praise Ministry Academy, Praise Ministry University of Liberal Arts and Theology, Praise Ministry Elementary and Junior High School, Praise Ministry Day Care Center etc.


God has called and ordained the church as custodian of his resources (money and capitals); therefore, the church is required to manage the resources God has given her. In order to do this, the church should exhibit the consciousness of being held responsible, accountable, and must show or exhibit accountability toward all resources entrusted to her hand as steward of God’s resources. To guide the church with reference to the maximum use of the churches’ resources on intended church projects, the leadership has set limit in the system to maintain check and balance in order to ensure transparency and accountability. This policy has been adopted not as the result of mistrust in leadership, but it has been put in place to guide and to empower the leadership with reference to the maximum use of the churches’ resources on churches’ intended projects. This is a good business practice and it is in addition to the Financial Policy adopted previously. The Head Pastor shall set up committee responsible for church projects execution. Such projects shall include the construction of ministry’s infrastructures including church buildings, schools, hospitals, clinics. Etc. Every projects related to the church shall be estimated in materials and monetary remunerations before the projects begin with clear justifications with reference to the success of the projects. Purchases made in materials including labor, the receipts shall be filed, documented, and kept. Such receipts shall be provided by the project committee or the responsible party upon request by the leadership of the Praise Ministries International, Inc. The Head Pastor shall keep oversight supervision of the committee and make sure that things are done according to ministry’s policy until the project is completed in due season. In summary, the committee shall report to the Head Pastor periodically concerning the projects.

NOTE: Churches’ leaderships failure to give progress report in order to evaluate themselves how the churches are run on the monthly or quarterly basis will harm the church administratively and will eventually place hold on funding for future churches’ projects. Please see the contribution letter attached under form. we are required by law to give receipts to donor who contribute to PMI monetarily since PMI is registered with the U. S government as the non-profit entity with the 501C (3) status. Contribution made to PMI is tax deductible.




Praise Ministries International is a cross continental ministry founded on the basis for global evangelization accomplished through evangelism, church planting, and education; however, it is founded also on the pillar of Praise as its name is so called. As the mitochondria serves as the powerhouse of the biological cell responsible for all the bio-chemical activities (anabolism and catabolism) of the cell; therefore, praise is the powerhouse of Praise Ministries International that spiritual power is generated and activated (Luke 4:18–20). It is based on this philosophy that God gave the birth to the singing group through revelation known as the “ All-Inclusive Orchestra of Praise Ministries International (AOPMI).


The All-Inclusive Orchestra of Praise Ministries International is organized inclusively to praise and to worship God in righteousness and holiness with the objective to bringing down the glory of God (כָּבוֹד‎, kavod, in Hebrew) through song ministrations.


Praise: The Orchestra shall praise God in the sixteen vernaculars or dialects of Liberia including English. The Orchestra shall solicit songs from recruits who serve on the Orchestra; therefore, individuals who serve on the Orchestra are encouraged to adopt songs from dialectical groups or ethnicities they come from or may not be members of, but may have knowledge of the songs sung in the dialect in the groups.

Worship: The Orchestra shall worship God in righteousness and in holiness. It should be noted that this Orchestra is not a mass choir; therefore, obedience to God’s word is emphasized to members of the singing group. Members are encouraged and anticipated to live above reproach and to be examples for the believers in words, deeds, and truths.


Righteousness: Salvation is the pre-requisite to be admitted into the Orchestra; therefore, members on the team must be born again. Regeneration is the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the individual who has heard the word of God, repented, and accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior (Romans 8:9–10). In this light, justification or righteousness is the basis for the recruitment of members to the Orchestra.

Holiness: Every born again believer is declared to be holy according to scriptures (1 Peter 2:5, 9–10); nevertheless, God demands that believer acts obediently to his word in order to remain holy. To remain holy, believer must say no to sinful living (Eph 4:22–24). Fortunately, the position believer has to have the clothes of righteousness (2 Cor. 5: 17–22) gives the believer the edge to live holy life (2 Peter 1:3–4). In conclusion, righteousness is what makes the believer and holiness is what the believer does through obedience to remain the God fearing individual.


Liberia has 13 sub-political divisions and 16 vernaculars or dialects by people groups known as ethnicities. It is the aspiration of the All-Inclusive Orchestra of Praise Ministries International (AOPMI) to recruit the 16 ethnicities representations on the team. Each ethnic group member or members will be positioned to lead songs in his or her dialects on the Orchestra. This Orchestra is a symphony orchestra that will comprise of 50 members singing group to evangelize Liberia and beyond through songs.


The All-Inclusive Orchestra of Praise Ministries International is to win souls for Christ so that the Kingdom of God can have influence on how humanity conducts her affairs on planet earth in bringing glory to God.


Concertmaster: This is the leader of the orchestra who sits on the left of the conductor.

Conductor: This is the individual who primarily enlarges and enhances the manual and bodily movements associated with directing an ensemble of musicians.

Section Leader: The section leader is the conduit between the conductor and the other players in the section.

Principal: The principal is the direct line of communication from the maestro to the members.


Woodwinds: These are orchestra instruments often other than the brass that includes the flutes, oboes, clarinets, saxophones etc. They are family of musical instruments within the general category of wind instruments.

Brass: The brass section of the orchestra includes mental instruments where the sound is produced by forcing air through a cup-shaped or conical mouthpiece. It usually consists of trumpets, trombones and tuba and French horns.

Percussion: This is the musical instrument that is sounded by being struck or scraped by a beater including attached or enclosed beaters. Example, drums

String: This is the orchestra musical instrument consisting solely of string section made up of the bowed string used in Western classical music. Example, guitar


EIN: 26-2662287



Praise Ministries International, Inc. is a religious charitable organization 501C (3) status organized inclusively for the purpose of souls winning for the kingdom of God; therefore, such organization is a non-profit entity and contributions made to this non-profit charitable religious organization is tax deductable ; meanwhile, we thank you (donor/contributor) for your gift or contribution of $______________(dollar amount/cents).

Donor’s Name :_____________________________________________(individual/organization)

Signed: ___________________________________________

            Accounting/Financial Department

Date:________________________________________ (Month/Year)

PMI’S EIN: 26-2662287


Background Information

Ministry Action Budget is the budget that explores major divisions of the various ministries in the organization and allocates funding to such major divisions using sub-itemized units taking the units prices, quantities, and frequencies into considerations. Most often times ministry operates during the start of the year without developing the Ministry Action Budget which is wrong. Developing the Ministry Action Budget is planning the ministry’s finance and funding to sustain the budget. Failure to develop the Ministry Action Budget is proportional to operating the organization or ministry without financial planning which is detrimental to the financial health of the ministry; therefore, it is necessary to develop the Ministry Action Budget without initially having any money in the church’s account or treasury. The Ministry Action Budget tells the leadership what amount is needed during the ministry physical year to run the ministry or host programs or occasions (teaching seminars, revivals, conferences etc.). The leadership’s move to develop the Ministry Action Budget enables the leadership to prioritize items on the budget to meet the goal set. Developing the Ministry Action Budget gives the idea and direction to the ministry’s leadership how to organize capital campaign to fund the various budgeted itemized units on the Ministry Action Budget. No church or ministry should operate without the leadership developing the Ministry Action Budget. The church or the ministry should know what she is going to undertake during the physical year before going into spending. The ministry’s failure to plan the finance and the activities that fallow it, will eventually fail to prioritize and will spend on programs that are not necessary. Planning the Ministry Action Budget gives the edge to the ministry to know what programs to undertake during the ministry physical year. At Praise Ministries International, the Ministry Action Budget’s meeting is held in December. Before the meeting is held, the Administrator who coordinates all the departmental wings of the local church, is required to ask all the departments to submit their budgets based on what program the department wants to execute. For example, the Children Ministry at PMI may want to host children’s film show during the ministry physical year; in this light, the major division of the budget is children’s film show under the Children Ministry at Praise Ministries International that resonates departmentally. The Ministry Action Budget for the Children Ministry at Praise Ministries International will look like the one shown below:


 Children Ministry   
1Rent for the film show1$500.00 LD$500.00 LD
2Rent for generator1$5000.00 LD$5000.00 LD
3Refreshment/feeding1$1,500.00 LD$1,500.00 LD
4Purchase of light bulbs4$100.00 LD$400.00 LD
 SUBTOTAL  $7,400.00 LD

The amount needed to run the film show under the Children Ministry in 2020 is $7,400.00 LD as shown in the Ministry Action Budget for the Children Ministry at Praise Ministries International. Every department at Praise Ministries International is required to develop the Ministry Action Budget to be submitted to the Administrator prior to the December annual business meeting. This is legislated within the By-law and Constitution of Praise Ministries International regarding this Annual December Business Meeting. At this meeting, the Administrator will have compiled all submitted budgets to be discussed. At this meeting, the leadership will discuss the various budgets submitted and decide which budget will be accepted, amended, added, subtracted or rejected.


The development of the Ministry Action Budget helps the various departments to develop fund raising ideas and to execute fundraising programs to fund the budget. For example, according to the Children Ministry Action Budget, the department will need $7,400.00 LD to host the film show in 2020. The Children Ministry could organize the fundraising program to raise this amount as the department collaborates with the local church assembly; although, offerings, tithes, or donations may be allocated to fund this budget because it is the responsibility of the ministry to fund the budget; nevertheless, the Children Ministry could raise this amount ($7,400.00 LD). The amount raised goes directly into the Treasury in the Children Ministry account.